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The Pink House Bahamas is a two-story house with a wrap-a-round deck that provides for fabulous sunrises and sunsets.  The top floor is the living quarters and the bottom story is for storage, etc.  Ideal for honeymooners or couples, the master bedroom contains a king sized bed, and the second bedroom sports two twin beds.  The living room has two futon couches that can be opened into double beds.

The house is equipped with a gas stove, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, blender (for those frozen cocktails while you watch the sunset), automatic coffee maker, satellite television, ceiling fans, air conditioning, and a BBQ grill.  Towels, bed linens, eating and cooking utensils are provided.  There is also a color TV with satellite system.  

The Pink House Bahamas is directly on the Caribbean.  While there is no sand beach behind it, it does have the unique quality of being on a coral ledge.  Jumping off the dock area, you are immersed in approximately 10 feet of water.  With your snorkel gear on, you can begin exploring the sea fans and corals, discovering a myriad of colorful tropical fish and occasionally some lobster!

There is no phone at the house so you can really go "unplugged".  For those who must remain in touch with the real world there is a cellular phone available for your use.  Ask for details.

We will have a supply of basic household items: toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc., but it may not be enough for your entire stay.  You will have to replenish these items on your own.  We highly recommend  you bring some food and supplies over on the plane.

At the house there is an instruction booklet that tells you how everything in the house works.  It also lists restaurants, stores, beaches, and other locations as well as any phone numbers if you wish to call restaurants.  We built the house ourselves and are very familiar with Eleuthera, in addition to having many friends in the settlements.  If you have any questions, feel free to email or call and just ask.



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ph_pan3.jpg (25249 bytes) offhouse.jpg (140172 bytes)
All windows in the living/dining room look out on the water. Look how wonderfully close to the Caribbean Sea the house is situated! Calm clear waters make for wonderful snorkeling!
livingroom4.JPG (54595 bytes) ph_view_pan.jpg (23992 bytes) kitchen.JPG (59888 bytes)
The walls and ceilings are cypress - high ceilings promote good air circulation. The view from the deck is fabulous - at night the stars are brilliant in the pitch dark sky.

The kitchen has a gas stove and is open to the living room.

exteriorview.jpg (20722 bytes) ph_front_pan.jpg (28821 bytes)

master_bed.jpg (44471 bytes)

View of the property from the Sea. Master Bed.
pinkhouse3.jpg (73947 bytes) ph_deckview_pan.jpg (20857 bytes) tph_deck_view.JPG (49903 bytes)
Stormy Day on the Caribbean. Deck view.
tph_deck_view2.JPG (57714 bytes) ph_pan.jpg (155104 bytes) pinkhouse1.jpg (58796 bytes)
Hurricane Floyd took away the dock - but there is still a swim ladder for access to the sea.


For more info or to check availability call:



 James Granberry at (407) 314-0661