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 Fish!  Dive!  Snorkel!  Sightsee!


Whether you come on your own boat or hire a local guide, the Bahamian waters are abundant with fish.   Obviously this is a favorite past time for us - so we've posted lots of pictures to share - send us some of your success pictures while visiting The Pink House and we'll post them here.  We'd love everyone to see how you did!  

If you're looking for a local guide - let us strongly recommend Paul Petty of Governour's Harbor.  You can reach him at (242) 332-2963.  For some of the best fishing and snorkeling in the south, or to tour Lighthouse Beach, check out Eleuthera Tours at or on Facebook under Eleuthera Tours

Click here to see more information on Paul's fishing charters.

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Aaron, James, Timmy, George with a couple of dolphin, also known as mahi mahi Dave with king mackerel Bettina's grouper James with a dolphin and wahoo. James' king mackerel
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Paul fillets kings James' cuda! George with a pile of snapper! Cheryl and Donna with a big grouper! Tuna
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Greg and Dave with a dolphin James' dolphin Dave and Donna with Dolphin

Fishing at night from the shore - with a driftwood bon fire.


For more info or to check availability call:


 James Granberry at (407) 314-0661